A long time ago in a place far away, I started my training at St James Hospital Leeds, UK, in Electrical & Electronics engineering with outstanding Engineering skills to graduate with Electrical & Electronic Engineer qualifications and be able to Fix most anything.

Soon after, I was asked to join System computers Leeds UK, who pioneered computer technology in the UK, Installing PDP11/34’s, VAX’s and another very big box “computers”.

Five years later I Launched my own computer installation company, installing IBM’s and other great big old computers, business went from strength to strength and completed many high-risk projects involved in disaster recovery.

In late 1995, I Jumped started my move to the USA, working with network installation cabling again with all the major cruise lines, with my new company Network Connections, we have undertaken over 68 ships, tested and installed some 1500 miles of cabling. This work was fast-paced with team players to make sure each project was executed on time.

Following year I Launched Cable Labels USA labeling company selling America Made Cable labels, with a proven track record; this innovative Made in the USA product line has given great results.

The Goal for 2017/18/19 is to grow the labeling business and introduce a range of installation products that make all cabling projects more cost-effective.

Never screwed a project up yet, 99.9 % record. Top of our industry and still growing, expert in Cruise ship Network Cabling, labeling + Electrical & Electronics Engineer + always looking for any interesting projects.

Tech Cable Labels
The tech Cable labels brand is a new design of data communications labels, these labels are designed by data communications Techs for the data communications market. cable labels USA

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